Simple Micellar Water


Oh, the Simple Micellar Water where do I begin. The concept of micellar waters has always intrigued me – a water cleansing your skin, removing my makeup, and hydrating the skin all at once seemed almost impossible… until I came across the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water. It ticked everything ¬†on my beauty checklist without hesitation. When writing this post I felt obligated to look up the definition of micellar, lets just say that chemistry has never been my strong suit so we are just going to skip right over that and go straight to how much I love this product.

One of the main things on my beauty checklist is packaging which I think they nailed for the product. I love being able to see the product that way you know when your getting low. I’m on my second bottle of this and I already purchased a back up. So you can clearly tell I’m a huge fan of this product. Another pro is that it smells like apples, it’s not to strong but you can notice it. So that could be something to keep in the back of your mind when at the drugstore.

In my opinion this product removes makeup with a breeze. All it takes is one swipe of the cotton pad with the product on it and whoosh you have a clean face. Afterwards your face feels smooth and fresh. Definitely has a thumbs up in my book. So next time your at the drugstore you need to pick this up and if you do use the #TestTheWater on Twitter and Instagram.

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