Welcome to my new site!

IMG_1680Hi guys, welcome to my new blog!! You might know me from my original beauty blog lovelexitaylor.blogspot.com and are possibly wondering why I made the switch. After I started my blog in March 2014 on Blogger I then discovered WordPress. After I found WordPress I started finding out that a ton of beauty bloggers like Allison Anderson are on there and I love her blog design.  So one day I decided to look in depth into it and I loved it 10X more. The biggest difference I find is that you can personalize it more. Only thing that took me a little bit to figure out was the different setup.

Lovelexitaylor.blogspot.com is going to stay exactly the same but I just won’t be posting on there any more.

What can you expect from the new site? The main difference is that I’m going to be posting a lot more!! I really want to start doing more lifestyle and fashion posts on my blog too. But don’t get me wrong I’m still going to be doing a ton of makeup posts.

Overall I am #excited about my new blog and I hope you like it as well. If you have any ideas on different kinds of blog posts you want me to do leave a comment and one day you might see a post about it! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @beautychatwithlexi.