Embracing Your Beauty

The inspiration for this post came rather spontaneously, as it’s something I myself struggle with more then I’d care to admit… embracing your beauty. Now I’d consider myself to be a rather confident person 99% of the time but seeing as we’re all imperfect I can’t lie and say everyday is all rainbows and butterflies.

Living in this generation we’re constantly bombard with images of these gorgeous “perfect” humans with their stunning bodies and not one imperfection to be traced on their skin but I’ve come to realize through the help of others that that’s not the only kind of physic that is attractive or beautiful. I know I’m guilty of getting so use to seeing the same reflection in the mirror day after day that it starts to slip my mind just how beautiful & unique the little features of my face and body can be.

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It’s no secret that I adore a good off the shoulder top but very few individuals may know one of the reasons behind that. On the upper right hand side of my chest I’ve got a scar which has been imprinted on my skin since I was a year or so old and there is nothing I love more then showing it off. To me scars are really beautiful & what is even more beautiful is someone who radiates confidence when it comes to those marks and isn’t ashamed of them or feels the desire to hide them.

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What I’m Wearing:

Off The Shoulder Lace Blouse

3 Pair Hoop Earrings Set

Rhinestone O-Ring Choker Set {similiar}

In conclusion I’d like to express this: no matter what it may be that you’re struggling with, physical or mental, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL & PLEASE DON’T EVER THINK OTHERWISE!




Summer Infusion


In the Sunshine State we’ve got bright skies and humidity for a good 11 months out of the 12 but as of recently the pool party invites have began streaming in and with the sun  beaming brighter then ever a strawberry toned lip has been hollering my name.

Now chances are if you know a thing or 2 about the makeup game then your ears have heard the words ‘MAC Ruby Woo’ & ‘Bomb Red Lipstick’ uttered in the same sentence more times then you could possibly add up but today we’re switching it up a bit and talking about an amazing drugstore choice.


Milani’s Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks are honestly smooth as butter and that’s no exaggeration, the way the bullet seamlessly glides across your lips is incomparable to anything else. I’ve come to the realization that this range of lipsticks gets a 10 outta 10 for me when it comes to the formula, it may say matte but don’t be mistaken… it’s by no means a uncomfortable, dry matte where the whole day you’re scratching your eyes to take it off {we’ve all been there before. Where your lip color be looking on point but you can’t help but lick your lips to bring back a tad bit of moisture into them, don’t lie!}


Without a doubt there’s something very empowering about having the ability to pull off a classic bold lip regardless of the shade. If there is anything I’d like you to get out of reading this it’s this: Don’t ever be afraid to rock that 1 daring lip color you may see everyone else wear. No matter what it is… you’ll look beautiful!

P.S. I’m rocking the shade 67 Matte Confident!

The Return of Lexi


I can’t even put into words why I’ve abandoned this little site of mine. It’s not that I don’t love what I’ve created, it’s just no one really fills you in on the part about it being time consuming. Life in 2016 was filled with highs & lows, changes but mostly it flew by which I was by no means expecting. That being said I left 2016 with some hysterical memories & experciences and I thought one of the ways to make 2017 better was to include you.

I’ve never really been a schedule oriented person so going forward you can be expecting content from me at different times every week. The #1 way to know when something new has appeared on here is my Instagram: @beautychatwithlexi (I’ve also got quite the photography eye which is displayed on there)

This isn’t a goodbye, it’s a talk to ya in a few days!


A Glimpse Into Glossier

With 2017’s beginning approaching the subject of growing up has been at the forefront of my mind and with that I’ve been reflecting on my beauty journey. My taste in makeup has changed drastically, I’m much more into the natural approach and Glossier is the ideal brand for enhancing all my natural features.

One of the avenues to my heart is thru any beauty product promising a “lit from within” complexion. So the instant my eyes caught sight of one of Glossier’s newest serums, Super Glow a.k.a apart of The Supers Squad, it was practically already in my shopping cart. My #1 way to work with this serum is to mix it in with my BB cream, you can say I’m an expert at making my own foundation cocktail.

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The Boy Brow‘s constituency leans more towards the pomade side of things while getting the hold & pigmentation of a tinted brow gel. From day one its had its own spot on my vanity top and there is no sign of it being pushed to the back of my makeup drawers anytime soon. Trick: I’ve used this before as mascara for my lower lash line and let me just say, it has completely changed my mascara game.

In my family we have this saying that we’re continuously telling each other, we’re ride or die and that’s exactly how I feel towards the Stretch Concealer. It makes your undereyes look as though you haven’t stayed up until 1 am binge watching Law & Order and snap chatting your best friend!

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The dewy skin has been in full effect recently so Glossier’s Haloscope in Topaz arrived at the perfect time. A turn off for me when it comes to cream highlighters is that sometimes they don’t melt into the skin for that naturally glistening affect. I’m all about those glossy borderline sweaty cheekbones and Haloscope continues to be my partner in crime for all things glowy.

The Fragrance Files

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We all have those go-to fragrances sitting on top of our vanities that we rotate between. So for this issue of The Fragrance Files, we’re gonna be conversing about what scents are battling each other at the moment.

  1. Miss Dior Eau de Parfum: The Dior brand embodies elegance. From their gorgeous makeup to their killer shades and this fragrance is by no means any different. This aroma has a citrusy freshness with a touch of jasmine.
  2. Elizabeth & James Nirvana {White}: I picture this scent on a sophisticated lady from The Upper East Side who is about to jet out the door for a mid Sunday brunch with her girlfriends or a natural grunge girl who loves nothing more then an all black outfit and to accessorize with a choker. With notes of peony and musk this perfume is the definition of refinement.
  3. Gucci Bamboo: I’m sure I could sit here and endlessly describe about how this fragrance carries notes of Italian Bergamot, Sandalwood and Casablanca but if I’m being 100% real with you the only way I can describe this scent as being da bomb!
  4. Elizabeth & James Nirvana {Black}: One whiff of this perfume and you’ll know it’s similar yet worlds apart from its sister scent. Consisting of Violet, Vanilla and a touch of Sandalwood, there is no better aroma with the perfect blend of masculine and feminine.




Style Profile: Accessories

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve constantly stuck to the basic Black Ray Ban shades but all good things must come to an end. I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of sunnies for a while now and one night I was aimlessly scrolling through the H&M website and that’s when I laid my eyes on them. An Aviator style with silver toned lenses.

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Chokers are one of those pieces in your jewelry stash that you have the choose to either dress up, you could possibly pair it with a classic simple black dress or casual it out with one of my beloved outfit choices, a comfy romper. I only have 2 in my collection so far, both from Etsy and black of course. One a Faux Leather Two Strand Choker and the other a Thin Velvet Choker.

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Within the past month or so, rings have had their own particular home on my vanity top. A concept I’ve been especially fond of though has been layering rings. Whether I’m multiple rings on one finger or opting for a midi ring, I can’t seem to put down this hand accessory.









Gushing Over Glossier

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Us beauty enthusiasts always have that one brand that is without a doubt on their lust list and for me that is Glossier. From their minimalistic approach on packaging to the whole basis of the brand. It’s save to assume that I’ve been glossified. Oh, and we can’t forget their aesthetically pleasing IG.

Now if you’re a little curious on where Glossier came from their is no need to fret, I’ve got you covered. Emily Weiss (founder of Into The Gloss) designed & developed a line of products that are a necessity for the everyday girl.

  • Milky Jelly Cleanser: It was love at first pump for me and Glossier’s newest release. From the rose scent that accompanied it to the softness of my skin afterwards, I can’t seem to spot a flaw in it.
  • Soothing Face Mist: I’m by no means a big league when it comes to knowing what makes a good face mist but whenever I use this I feel as though I might have cracked the code. This along with their cleanser has been a dynamic duo in my skincare routine as of late.
  • Priming Moisturizer: The moment my ears heard the name of this product it was practically in my cart already. This creme is the ultimate fuse of a day and night moisturizer all while priming the skin.
  • Perfecting Skin Tint: If there is one area of makeup I pride myself on it’s knowing what lightweight base to go for and let me say that this skin tint has checked all the boxes for me.
  • Balm Dotcom:There couldn’t be a name more fitting when conversing about this gem. It has stolen the top position in my lip balm stockpile. I’ve fallen in love with this skin salve so quickly that I’ve already introduced it to my mom.

All the hype around Glossier hasn’t been misplaced whatsoever. So the question is now: When are you going to be glossified?



Cutting Edge Beauty Launches 

I feel as though there is an unwritten contract amongst the drugstore brands that states January as the primetime to catch us beauty consumers off guard with brand spanking new  products. Don’t get me wrong I’m not having a fit whatsoever, new drugstore picks always seem to put a smile on this girls face.

  • Maybelline Master Fix Setting + Perfecting Powder: I’m what you would consider a novice when it comes to loose powders and what better time is it to try one then while at the drugstore. As far as this one goes, there are no complaints so far.
  • L’oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation: A complexion perfecter that every base lover needs in their repertoire. The idea of a foundation soaked in a sponge intrigued the crap out of me and let me just say that it’s worth all the hype it’s receiving. I won’t give to much away as I might have a review in this works so all I can say for now is keep your eyes peeled.
  • L’oreal Infallible Pro-Contour: Slowly but surely I’ve been getting into subtle contouring and it let me just kick things off by saying even the slightest bit of contouring can make the world of a difference. So it made my little heart beat a bit faster when I spotted a contouring palette from the drugstore. The powder is definitely a bit on the intense side but when used sparingly you can’t go wrong.
  • Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid: For a girl who has been lacking the joy of having a liquid lipstick in her life I couldn’t resist clutching on to a few of these bad boys.

The Spring Water

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A facial mist is something that has always intrigued me and when I spotted the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water I snatched it up and haven’t looked back since. As a brand La Roche-Posay has continually sparked my interest in their skincare range – from their micellar solution to the beauty blogger classic Serozinc.

This spring water has become apart of my daily skincare routine – morning and evening. A step in between cleansing and moisturizing I thought I never needed is now something I can’t seem to live without. The coolness of the spray instantly refreshes your skin leaving you wanting more or in this case spraying more. This product is ideal for people with skin on the drier side as there is an almost instant boost of hydration.

There is no denying my attraction to this spring water but with the good comes the bad. The spraying mechanism lets out a rather large amount of the water at once which means it pretty much goes everywhere. I can assure you that the tops of your shoulders will feel damp after using this so normally I have to go in with a towel and dry up.

My verdict regarding this product is that it gets a A+ in my skincare book. I’m not sure if it’s a must have for everyone to have in their skincare cupboard but it is definitely for me. Next time I’m browsing the skincare aisle I’ll for sure be picking up a backup of this.

Have you tried this thermal spring water?

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