The Beauty Blender

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Processed with VSCOcam with b4 preset

Every good artist needs tools for their trade, mine just happens to be makeup related.

The first time little me took the plunge and invested in the beauty blender things didn’t quite turn out how I had planned. It seemed as though everyone else had found their partner in crime when it came to a base product tool and I was over here trying to figure out why this was any better then using your fingertips or lets say a brush. Come to find out the whole time I’d been punishing this tool for my own mistake – I hadn’t read about the part where your supposed to saturate it before using it. Trust me when I say that it made a world of a difference. Now I can’t seem to let this little guy out of my possession.

The beauty blender can practically make anything look like skin. Whether it’s foundation, concealer, liquid highlighter – you name it, it blends it. The only thing you have to think while using it is pounce and pat, once you get that technique down there is nothing that can stop you.  Also who doesn’t want a black egg shaped sponge sitting on on their vanity for all to admire.

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