Evening Skincare Routine

IMG_2514Taking care of my skin has always been something I’ve enjoyed doing but never really had a passion for until recently. Somehow I’ve been spending countless amounts of hours looking up new skincare products, watching YouTuber’s skincare routines, and planning out future blog posts in my head, which is when this post was born… my Evening Skincare Routine. IMG_2500

Cleanse & Remove Makeup |

The first step in beginning my skincare routine is cleansing and removing my makeup. For the past couple months, I’ve dove into the world of micellar water and there is no sign of me getting out anytime soon. I’ve been putting the Boots Botanics All Bright Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution to the test. This micellar solution isn’t necessarily my favorite out of the bunch but it isn’t the worst. I wear minimal makeup on a regular basis and this solution removes it but whenever I go on top of it with a toner I find that there is makeup leftover on the cotton pad. There is going to be a full review on this product along with a few other micellar waters coming soon so stay tuned. After I remove my makeup I always have the dilemma of whether to wash my face or not. On the nights I do I reach for the Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Face Wash. I’m about half way through this cleanser and my opinion of it is in the middle. Don’t get me wrong I love the way it foams up on the face and the packaging with a pump but something tells me that I won’t be repurchasing this face wash right away.

Exfoliate & Tone |

Once a week I exfoliate my face with the Vivo Per Lei Facial Peeling Dead Sea Minerals. This is the softest exfoliator I’ve ever used on my skin. All you have to do is dot the product on each cheek, nose, forehead, and chin then start buffing the exfoliator all around your face in circular motions. While your doing that you’ll notice little white flakes appear all over where the dead skin was. After that I normally grab a cotton pad and remove all of the exfoliator but I also go in with a wash cloth to make sure I got everything off my face. Then I follow up with the Dfi Anti Aging Facial Toner, which smells amazing. After you apply this toner give it about a minute or so to dry before applying your moisturizer. The toner goes hand and hand with the exfoliator  and after you use these products your skin will feel so smooth.

Moisturize |

The last two steps in my skincare routine are focused on adding hydration back into the skin. For my face moisturizer I’ve been loving the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. One full pump of this product is all you need for your entire face. Don’t get worried by the yellow color once you start massaging it in it blends right into the skin. At last our skincare routine is complete but lets not forget one important part of our skincare routine… lips. In the last few weeks I’ve gone back to using my beloved Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm in the pink shade. It’s the perfect thick texture for dry lips which I’m suffering from at the moment.

Finally we have come to the end of my evening skincare routine. What products do you use in your evening skincare routine? Any recommendations for skincare purchases I need to make?

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