My Neutral Palette Collection


Hello everyone!! There’s no doubt that I love anything makeup related but when it comes to neutral eyeshadow palettes my collection starts turning into an obsession. So today I wanted to share My Neutral Palette Collection with you guys and hopefully you can feel my pain. In total I have 15 neutral eyeshadow palettes ranging from drugstore to high end.

Urban Decay Naked Palettes //$54

The Urban Decay Naked Palettes are a classic in the beauty community. If your a beauty lover you have to have at least one of these palettes in your collection. My favorite out of all 3 is the original one. You can create everyday looks to a night out look. If your obsessed with rose-toned neutrals then I would lean towards the 3rd palette or you can go for all 3 like me.

Lorac Pro Palette //$40

The Lorac Pro Palette has made quite a name for itself within the past year. Lorac has done an amazing job setting itself apart from all of the other neutral palettes out there. In total there are 16 eyeshadow with the top row being all matte and the bottom row being all shimmer. This palette has any neutral eyeshadow lovers name righten all over it.

My MAC Custom Palette //$10 Eyeshadow Pan,$10 Palette\Insert

My MAC Custom Palette has got to be one of my most used palettes. I would say that if you like both neutrals and bright colors then getting a customize palette would be perfect for you. If you want me to go more in depth with all the shades in my mac palette just let me know in a comment.

Maybelline The Nudes //$10

Now going into my favorite drugstore palettes. Maybelline came out with The Nudes a couple of months ago and I have gotten so much use out of it. Perfect for throwing into your makeup bag for on the go use.

Elf Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette //$6

This palette is bittersweet because the color that I have Natural they are no longer making. But trust me if you see that palette you need it in your life. It has a mixture of matte and shimmer colors as well as light and dark colors. Perfect if your just starting out in makeup.

I hope you guys enjoyed taking a peek into My Neutral Palette Collection and if I’m missing out on your favorite neutral palette let me know which one in a comment below. Thank you so much for reading this and I will talk to you soon!!

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